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About Hazaki

At Hazaki, our goal is to produce some of the finest knives in the world. In order to achieve this, we decided to blend ancestral Japanese forging techniques with classic Canadian woodworking to offer the perfect combination between metallurgy and wood. Each blade is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Seki, Japan, the knife capital of the world. Each handle is beautifully handmade and assembled in Canada



Making some of the finest knives in the world is our objective, to achieve this we had to take the long way. Our knives take more than 150 steps to make and skipping one of them was not an option. Each Hazaki blade is made using traditional forging methods by skilled craftsmen in Seki, Japan.




Our handles are cut, sanded, oiled and assembled by hand in Montreal, Canada. We are currently the only company who blends Japanese forging techniques and Canadian woodworking, that is why our products are so unique.





Chefs work day in day out with their knife in hand. It becomes their most important tool so the knives must be extremely reliable and consistent. Each of our knives were developped and designed with the help of professional chefs, taking their advice and opinions. Our design is the result of multiple back and forth, reimagining the shapes, lines and weight of every part.

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